One of the best benefits of hosting a careers podcast, is the opportunity and excuse to interview authors about their books. We have had some amazing authors on the podcast, and have many more coming up in 2019. Here are 10 authors we have featured, and a book list that will give you a few new perspectives for your career and life goals.

Listen to the podcasts to hear directly from the authors, order your favorites, then go to the meant for it podcast to listen to more career stories. …

Some business books leave us with little to remember except a few lines that could have just as easily been compacted into a short post. The nine selections below are the real deal, written by experts who have spent years meticulously researching for their book. So get your highlighters prepped and remember one of the best ways to actually retain and use information from books is by going back over your highlights or notes every once in a while.

1. The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal

Here is the simple, and life changing advice: The greatest predictor of your future…

New to Podcasts? A list to get you started.

By this point, all my friends know I am obsessed with podcasts because I am constantly referring to something I heard on Waking Up with Sam Harris, On Being, NPR, Radiolab, etc. Even friends who never heard of the word podcast a few months ago, are now subscribed to half a dozen shows. I can imagine it must be hard to escape my enthusiasm and frequent nagging for friends to download a show I just heard.

The reason for my podcast love is simple. With two young kids under 5, finding…

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